Sunshine Blogger Award

Greeting All ! 

well, this is my 3rd nomination on Sunshine blogger award considering i have just started my blog a couple of weeks ago😮  but i am so glad for that to keep my blog live and externally happy to be part of this beautiful community! in the mean time…my only issue is ‘Time’ it does not really work for me lately according to a lot of work and some commitments as well! So no free time for me at all😞. Anyway a massive thanks for all who nominated me especially @simplejoysabi  for now! She has been a really cute & lovely supportive blogger friend, Do give her amazing blog a visit : ❤️

Haha! i am really sorry i have chosen to start by my last nomination then getting back to my first! random decision 😅 so here i am….


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  • Answer the 11 questions which the blogger who nominated you asked
  • Nominate 11 bloggers and ask them 11 different questions
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine blogger award logo in your post and/or on your blog site…also notify your nominees


  • Whats your hobby?

In fact i do have a lot of hobbies, from reading, writing…..painting on top!.

  • Whats your favourite blog post on your blog?

Hihi 😅  well as i do have only two already so my fav is ‘Letter from heart’.

  •  Whats your favourite flower?

Again i do have a lot of fav flowers but i can say that the RED ROSE on my top it is simply the beauty it self! the smell..the colour….also the special texture just everything! and also ‘Poppy‘ as i have some beautiful memories as my father used to send it to me in his absence when i was young.

Red Rose & Poppy
  • Sweet or savoury?

Haha…both actually, depends on mood!

  • If you were reborn who or what would you want to be?

If i am gonna be honest…i may say i want to be me, just me again but in another environment. i really like the way i am ….and this is life how you make your self better and get to love your self more and more by time. the key question here is if you were reborn how you are gonna improve your self before time does pass!? i like this one much more coz sometimes i feel like i could do better but we realise things after the train is gone, life!….so we are learning and we must learn from our mistakes as well. moreover ….if i am what i am today…it means even when i am reborn again i will be me as well….and this is why i like to see it this way i am!

  • Whats your favourite era?

My fav era is Ottoman era, to be honest i can spend days and nights reading through that history and fall in love with everyday.

  • Do you bake?

OMG! yes of course!! almost every two days i must bake anything that i want 🍰 i bake a lot and cook a lot as well. you can say i am a food lover and an excellent taster 😋

  • Whats your favourite thing about blogging?

Well….since i have been part of this blogging community for just few weeks ago, firstly, i can start with..that i already love to write so by sharing and blogging i am having lots of fun, reading, commenting contributing with each other and (vice versa). as well as you can have a lot of support and love as well.

  • How would you describe your style?

Classic, but sometimes i turn to be Whimsical as well 🙂

  • Where do you always love to visit?

I love to visit Rome, Italy….it is somehow contains both beauty and strong feelings.

  • Whose your blogging buddy?

Actually i do work by my own and still new to this field so i don’t have any buddies yet!


I would like to nominate these amazing bloggers I have been lucky to come across and so glad to call them friends as well 🙂


  1. What is your favourite weather/season?
  2. Problem fixer or maker?
  3. What is the most annoying habit that other people have?
  4. What takes up too much of your time?
  5. What is your favourite Book?
  6. What is the best thing that you could afford to someone?
  7. What kind of art do you enjoy most?
  8. If you are given more free time, what are you gonna do with it?
  9. What was the best compliment you’ve received?
  10. What is something you will NEVER do again?
  11. What is your favourite perfume?

Thank you ALL again!!





Letter from life to heart

Dear heart,

One day you will be born, crying and opening your eyes looking at me, you barely see everything around but me…… where day 1 get started!

I grow as you grow, you meet people & leave people, everything is normal and i normally pass by your days! while we move I do change from a second to another so what do you do?, This one is hurt, that one is sadist and the third one is living in the past.

My job is to make you worry and wonder……..and see how you come content and pleased. I always ask….. Why you are sad?, am i going to last for you? You even do not have the guarantee of your days. So let me tell you something, it is in deed amazing who can just be satisfied and differntate between what is banned and what is allowed!

A Question!…..and all of you does know the answer!, When i  leave what are you going to have or to get? in other words, as you take nothing, why you depress your self and be sad?

Hold on a minut….look around you, and up there you will find the sun lighting for you! and again up there at night the moon is lighting only for you!

Always hope….hope is free, and gets closer to whome they see it! i can see your smile in a wink of an eye, owning me like a king. Sometimes you drow me and colour me, there will be a colour does draken me and others add peace to me. Worries….will pass by tomorrow, nothing does last!

Finally, i ask you to be tough, and as much as you are strong as much as you live!

All the best,


bullet Points

This is my first post, my first piece and thought! Still did not organise my blog yet and it was not on my schedule as well…but suddenly decided to stop thinking and just do it…so here i’m.

Recently, I fell in love….

Fell in love with something very special, that can be just for me.

Fell in love with my lovely Bullet points!

Bullet points opens the magic door to talk, to express and an excellent strategy to use for learning too.

Bullet points never judge, criticise and never give feed back on how long or short are your thoughts are. just keep free and go…… will flow!

One day..Started at 12 am as always….I had a beautiful company with my two best friends

Pencil and paper were here..When it was no light, no phone and no Lap…..only my hand had a belief!

It trusted my eyes to light for at a very dark space.

So yes! my hand was never disappointed……

And So my love choose to talk and drop some special  Points but here are my fav:

  • The wish, wish could breath deep in the ocean and promise to never get out.
  • sometimes things are said but inside so keep silent.
  • one day you wake up and say where have i been all the years.
  • loving it but do not do it, hate it but do it.

The END.

As i said, it’s my first time publishing a post, So a massive thanks to you all for waiting for the cumming one as i don’t have any plans yet!, but who knows when it comes the NEXT. Haha!

PS: Everything is random, no organisation and no proofread i just will send :)!



Mystery Award

Greeting All!

First of all, this was my first award that i have been nominated for from the best supporter friend @dochidreamer  and as my really new born blog this means a world!

I would love to send my massive thanks to @dochidreamer  for nominating me and believing on me as well :). I am more than glad to have met such an amazing kind heart & supporting friend like him ”Always pushing me to the best” All kind regards and respect to him as well!

As a lovely reader, i like to get lost during my reading moments….i can admit that i found it while reading his blog 😍 do give him a well deserved amazing visit

Once again and not last, thank you so much from my deepest heart❤️

Q. List 3 things about myself: 

  • Living in a city but love to be in village.
  • I never get out satisfied from a perfume/flowers shop.
  • As sweet As tough.

My best post is:


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9. List your 7 questions for them to answer in their posts


  • What inspired you to start your blog?

Well, this has a random start and a huge long story …writing in short, as a writing lover, i am and still in love with my natural papers and pen as well, but once upon a time, I met  a very special Uni Friend during our Uni journey, she is classed as my best sister that i was not lucky enough to have in my real life, In addition, she is an amazing blogger and a lovely supporter too, she is @Rosiesxblog 😍. To be honest, i never thought to start a blog before or i was ever interested to! once, she randomly asked me about blogging which was from a very long time ago…….but that worked into my back-brain, used to think of it from time to another…..and here comes my main reason why i have started  this blog …..i like to call my self pretty simple as in my nature, i like supporting & helping as well as  sharing what i value that others could benefit from😊

  •  How do you motivate yourself to keep the blog up
    and running?

okay….i am answering these questions very honest, so honestly i do not have any motive except what i have been saying in my previous question also my blog is a newborn one and not running that much, but at the end i am strongly motivated by the support i get first from @dochidreamer  as he nominated me first then 3 others flowed in the same week😮 and a bit weird😅!

  • What do you find the most frustrating aspect of blogging?

Directly…It is TIME!! it is my enemy, no free time given to me, so it is my biggest frustrating issue!

  • Have you met anyone interesting/famous on your blogging journey?

Yes, i did! and have been met a lot and i would like to call them friends more than bloggers, And YOU are one of my best Dochi, there are many others….namely @Rosiesxblog, @simplejoysabi , @NerdsNatterings , and @StealTheMGaming  ….etc.

  • Would you encourage other people to make their blog?

Not pretty sure how to answer this question right…but if someone has already the ability to write and own a beautiful goals, Why not?! of course will encourage and support or even assist when i can and provide them with all what i can. The most important push comes from our selves first by having dreams, setting goals & plans so working on them last! ”Power comes from inside” always first!

  • What do you think is the best service a blogger can provide to his readers?

The best service that a blogger can provide to his/her readers…in my opinion, is by drawing the enjoyment throughout real pure feelings that can be successfully  sent from a heart to another ….carrying stunning messages for beautiful changes. understanding what our readers are alike is key! so stick on and do your best.

  • How do you want to improve yourself in the next year?

Haha! this is a tough and stunningly pretty question as well!….writing it very short..By the next year on my top improving my self is by achieving more goals, one of them improving my writing 😊

I would like to nominate:

Ps…they are all new bloggers to me as i am new in here as well 🙂 nice to meet you all!


  1. What does ‘success’ mean to you?
  2. How best could you describe your Blog?
  3. What does the blogging community mean to you?
  4. What’ the best role you love, reader or writer?
  5. What makes you the happy the most?
  6. What is your perfect time for blogging?
  7. In five words….describe your only dream?

Sending you my very best wishes all!

Last, @dochidreamer Thank you very much again for being more than an amazing friend!